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'fab'rication Automation, Robotics and Technology

fabART was incorporated as a fabrication Automation, Robotics and Technology company knowing that there is an immense gap in the engineering output and production capability. The inherited equipment physical limitations were being challenged and information sharing has become the need of the hour.


Limitations are opportunities.

Our Service

fabART is your consultant partner:

  • Set up new Pre Engineered Steel Building (PEB) Plants and related operations.
  • Set up new Structural Steel (SS) facilities.
  • Upgrade Existing PEB and SS Operations.
  • Modernize existing equipment by retrofitting them with fabController having Data exchange and Production tracking.
  • Explore Material Handling, Automation & Robotic operations to revolutionize productivity.
  • Founder

    Shane Miranda

    Equipped with a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering and Databases with Industrial Automation, Shane is on a never ending quest to challenge the Status Quo in the fabrication Industry even after 30 years in the Business!

    Starting as an Industrial Engineer and getting promoted to various positions to Maintenance Manager and ultimately Plant head ensured that each experience was invaluable to implement the next milestone in the company he served in.

    Today fabART will impact the fabrication industry and beyond!

    Cost Effective Solutions

    fabART endures to transform the manufacturing process by capitalizing on simple, cost effective yet dramatically productive solutions to Excel Now!

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    Why We Stand Out?

    The success lies behind our 5M philosophy!

    5M approach begins with the limitations of the 3M factors in manufacturing


    Give ownership and accountability to your most important Asset.


    Upgrade machinery, track actual performance and keep it productive.


    Track and optimize usage using automated solutions.


    Tie the 3M’s together keeping KPIs relevant and effective.


    Returns to all stakeholders and achieve the objectives of the Business.

    fabART Ground breaking technology


    Revolutionize Machine Operation by taking information from Engineering data to Machine and return production data to ERP at a touch of a button!


    Optimize ‘Z’ purlin laps as required by Engineering rather than have small, medium and long laps. Produce all secondaries (Z,C & E) in an all new revolutionary line.


    Excel in cutting plate (2D) and sections (1D) using automated optimization & marking CNC machines.


    Make your Autoweld produce faster while Robotic welding ensures manual welding is reduced.


    Make your fabricator excel by eliminating manual marking of components and accurately tack them onto main members.


    Automate your blasting and painting operations to eliminate the unsuspecting bottleneck at the final manufacturing stage.

    Our Vision

    fabART endures to transform the manufacturing process by capitalizing on simple, cost effective yet dramatically productive solutions to Excel Now!

    Our Mission

    Develop customer oriented integrated automated/robotic machinery/processes and information systems with unhindered flow of data to drive decisions and dramatically improve productivity.

    CZ Purlin Line

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